About DPAC

Welcome to Campbell River District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)!


Here you will find resources, information, events and other things pertaining to the education system in School District 72, as well as the province, all from a parent's perspective. We encourage you to have a good look through, and if you are searching for answers please don't hesitate to contact the executive. 

The DPAC in SD72 holds meetings once a month during the school year, except for December and June, on every third Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Meetings are held at the School Districts Office on Pinecrest, unless otherwise stated. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings. They are a time to hear from all the groups involved in SD72 - school trustees, school district management, teachers and support staff. There is a wealth of information to be shared. More importantly, it is a safe place for parents to ask questions, present issues at a school or an individual level, and network with parents from other schools. 

Parents are a major part of a student's success in school, and DPAC is here to assist parents in doing all they can to make every student's educational journey a positive and successful one.


A little more info on DPACs here: http://bccpac.bc.ca/pacdpac-info/what-is-dpac/